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9KING Live Casino Malaysia – Rewarding Entertainment at Your Fingertips

A live casino resembles a land-based casino, except, it is available on your mobile devices, which you can access whenever the mood to gamble kicks in.

Any casino games that you can think of, it is readily available for you. To get the dice rolling or the cards shuffling, you just need to pick a provider from our list of esteemed partners, and then, choose a game room.

Unless you choose to play a multiplayer casino game, a live casino game is very much a private session between you and the live dealer. Even though it is a live stream, the actions you will get is nothing less than when you are visiting a land-based casino.

You can chat with them, watch how they deal with the cards with their nimble hands, make flirty eye contact, or blow a good luck kiss to you; some would even do a little dance and groove to the music playing in the studio to set a more lively and social ambiance. Above all, they are professionals that take the game seriously and efficiently.

Adding to the realisticity is the equipment and tools that we use to complete the live casino gaming experience. We use bona fide casino tables for each variant of casino games, decks of cards, sets of chips with different values, dealing shoe, electronic dice shaker, and Roulette wheel.

Other than the above, we can provide players with an authentic casino-like atmosphere because we deploy advanced technologies and techniques to record the live streams. 

We place the recording cameras strategically around the table to capture even the most minute action so players can keep an eye on the whole game in high resolution. For instance, they can see the number on the cards, the value on the dice, or watch as the dealing shoe shuffles the card.

In most cases, a live casino records the game in three angles:

(A) Wide-angle – This camera captures the overall setting of the game, including the dealer, table, backdrop, and the likes.

(B) Front – A front camera focuses on the dealer only.

(C) Zoom – This camera zooms into all of the actions carried out by the dealer so players can visibly see every facet of the game.

Why You Should Choose Live Casino over Land-Based Casino ​

A live casino is the best of both the online and offline worlds. You get the stimulating environment of an actual casino, but the fringe benefit of an internet gambling site, which comprises real money bonuses, the exposure to great professional software from top developers and providers, and an assortment of casino games. ​

A Live Casino Online that Cares About You

To stay competitive and maintain an online presence, 9KING complies with high standards to make sure we meet players’ needs. To achieve that, we create a secure platform for our players first and foremost. We have proper systems in place that protect private data and prevent fraud or theft. We also have independent authorities to regulate our website for safety and fairness. Once we tick that off the checklist, players can take delight in the casino games we have in store. When it is time to pay out, we do so promptly, so no doubts will cross our players’ minds. We also keep the withdrawal simple because we are happy for your successful outcome, and we want you to celebrate without further ado. If you encounter any issues, our team of responsive customer service will be the first to lend a hand. Be it a matter about the game, terms and conditions, deposit and withdrawal, or even a random question that pops in your head at a random moment; we are here to help. When luck visits out of the blue, we help you make full use of the lucky stars; when boredom strikes, we replace your usual go-to social media apps with something even better, something that lets you win real money. We live up to the definition of non-stop and accessible entertainment by being available on mobile. And no, lag, unresponsive, and non-secure are not in our vocabulary. We add the cherry on top by offering a variety of live table games with wagers of different sizes, and pair them with lucrative bonuses and offers so you can get money, on top of winning money. If the day is not going as planned, these benefits can cement the hole of your wallet. We do all these to keep ourselves up to par, and to present players with a website where they can gamble confidently and comfortably.

Your Favorite Live Casino Games in One Place

We partner with several top-notch developers to give you the best mix of live casino games. They are AE Sexy, Microgaming, Playtech, Asia Gaming, Ho Gaming, Gold Deluxe, and Allbet.

Expect a seamless stream quality, speedy gameplay, and the best of casino games distinctively presented to you.

You can catch live dealers in bikinis, in the iconic Playboy bunny costumes, or their personal live streams where you can send them direct messages. While that takes place, you can play the classic or contemporary live casino games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Bonus Baccarat, Casino Holdem, VIP Baccarat, poker, and many more.

To place bets, you can click on the buttons on the screen. These buttons show the types of wagers you can bet on and the amount (chips) you want to gamble.

With an intuitive, uncomplicated, and appealing interface, even non-tech-savvy players can maneuver the site effortlessly.

– FAQ –

A live casino is an online platform that lets players play real table games using any mobile devices. With it, players can skip the hassle of travelling to a casino, but still, be able to experience the fun and excitement anywhere at any time.

You can find any games a brick and mortar casino offers in a live casino. Some of the games you can play are:
(a) Baccarat

(b) Bonus Baccarat

(c) Blockchain Baccarat

(d) Speed Baccarat

(e) VIP Baccarat

(f) Dragon Tiger

(g) Sic Bo

(h) Roulette

(i) Blackjack

(j) VIP Blackjack

(k) Casino Holdem

(l) Playboy Live Casino

(m) Poker

(n) Multiplayer

Most online casinos are very similar to physical casinos as everyone pursues the realism of a real casino. According to market research, Malaysian players love Asia Gaming (AG), Playtech, Allbet, Maya, Gold Deluxe (GD), Micro. Gaming (MG), and HO Gaming (HG)!

BlackJack is the most popular game for online casino players and it also has the highest winning percentage. In the best situation, the players win rate is as high as 65%!

Each online casino will offer different incentives. But you can expect to receive the usual incentives such as No Deposit bonuses, Sign-up bonuses, Cashback bonuses, First Deposit bonuses, and more.

When playing online games, your privacy will always be the casino’s priority. No one can see you when you participate at the live casino tables because the camera only monitors the tables and the dealers. Your private data will not be disclosed too.

Absolutely! Here are some of the reasons that make playing in a live casino safe:

(A) Legitimate live casino operators have licenses assigned by various acclaimed gaming authorities.

(B) The software that produces or reads the results of the live casino games are tested regularly by third parties.

(C) When the live games are happening, a pit boss will be stationed in the studio to oversee the dealers and the games.

(D) All casino operators film their games from different angles so they can detect and attend to any issues immediately. At the same time, players can watch the result of their game unfold in real-time.

Not at all!

There are independent parties that assess the legitimacy of all live casino games to ensure they generate fair and random results.

Moreover, the equipment in a live casino is the same as the ones in a brick and mortar casino, and the dealers undergo strict and professional training; any reputable live casino would take pride in their products and be candid with their modus operandi.

Plus, all casinos have a house edge, which means they don’t need to cheat to rake in the profits.

Privacy and comfort go hand in hand in a live casino. Nobody will be able to see you no matter which casino game you pick to play, because you don’t have to enable the camera on your mobile device, and the live casino only records the table and the dealer.

You also have the option to create a username and sign in using it. This way, you never have to disclose your real name.

Unfortunately, you cannot play for free. Just like visiting a brick and mortar casino, you must pay first before playing any games.

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