Why Should You Play Online Fishing Games? Winning Money is One of Them!

Why Should You Play Online Fishing Games? Winning Money is One of Them!

Have you tried fishing games yet?

Yes: Awesome! If you have won money, that is even better. We hope the reward can help you inch closer to materializing your dreams and check some boxes in your ‘I Want To Buy/Do’ or ‘I Want To Visit’ list.

If you have not won money, don’t sweat it! Most fishing games, if not all, have a promising Return to Player (RTP) percentage, the sum of money that a game pays back to the players. With that said, all players, beginners or professionals, have an equal shot at winning in the long run. The gold coins are swimming to you, and before you know it, the total in your bank account will grow to a number that will keep you smiling and worry-free for some time.

No: Don’t miss out on the fun any further! Join the fishing crew and start sailing with 9King online casino Malaysia. Together with other well-known providers in the online gaming industry such as Spade Gaming, Playtech, and 918Kiss, you can expect to play the most recent and thrilling fishing games on your visits to 9King, like Fishing God, Fishing War, Ocean King, and Fu Fish.

On top of fishing games, you can also try other casino games like slots, live casino, sports betting, and lottery.

If you have not played the fishing games in 9King, you are in for a big treat. The realistic illustration goes so well with the lively tunes that come to play each time you take action or when a mini-game is underway.

Not to mention, the monetary reward that you will receive when you take down the big fishes, or any particular bonus symbol will take you from the ocean to cloud nine. Some fishing games have a jackpot, which, if won, can bail you out of your routinely 9 to 5.

The beauty of fishing games is indisputable. And because of these games, our day-to-day becomes that much exciting and holds all sorts of possibilities.

Now, for individuals who have not tried fishing games, what we have written may sound like we are selling some magical pills that will cure your back pain and stiff neck overnight. But, once you take a look at the reasons why you should play online fishing games and experience them yourself, you will find that these games are, well, really as stunning as magical pills sounds!

Get Others to Hunt With You

If you have played fish shooting games, hopefully, the ones from 9King online casino Malaysia, and enjoyed every bit of it, which we are sure of, introduce the games to your friends and family! After all, good things are meant to be shared. Give other people a chance to win ma!

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Play Fishing Games

Here comes the part that will convince non-players and sceptics that games of fish are some of the most pleasurable online casino games, and convert them to fishing enthusiasts.

1. Accessible entertainment

Remember the fishing toy set we used to play when we were little, or you used to buy for your kids? It comes with tiny fishes whose mouths will open and close randomly when the fishpond rotates, and the challenge is to fish them out of the fishpond with a rod that comes with it. This toy set and the fishing games in the arcade that come with a 42-inch screen are predecessors of the online fish shooting games we play today.

And because the games are online, we can access them at any time of the day, wherever we are.

Is your work stressful? Is the dump in the toilet hard? Is your wife shopping, and you are, once again, outside sitting and waiting? Well, guess what will always be there for you? Fishing Games. Take your phone out and play away! As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can sail in the ocean for as long as you want.

Caution: It is easy to lose yourself in the vast sea filled with beautiful aquatic animals. So when it is time to walk or get going with your to-do again, don’t glue your eyes on the phone while doing everything else simultaneously. We certainly don’t want you banging on walls or worse, on a woman!

2. Fishing games are affordable

Individuals that are unfamiliar with the online casino scene always think that to be able to play any of the games, one must have enough money. While this is true to some extent, it is more so important for individuals to know that they should not be bothered by having x amount of money in hand before playing any online games because they are in control when setting the budget. 

For instance, if you wish to play online fishing games, but you only have, say, RM 40 to work with as your capital, you can proceed with the game anyway because each level is different in coin denomination.

The coin denomination you select equals to the value of each coin your bet holds. Take Fishing God from Spade Gaming as an example. The first level, Junior, lets players start the game with a coin denomination between 0.01 to 1. The following level, Expert, has a coin denomination between 0.1 to 5. And you may have guessed it, the last level, Godlike, has the highest coin denomination, and it is between 1 – 10.

The figures, 0.1, 1, 5, and 10 signify the value of each coin. With different coin denominations, players can choose whichever that snugs right into their budgets best.

If you (a) are adventurous, (b) enjoy a worry-free gaming experience, (c) don’t mind losing money because you believe it is part of the game/process, and (d) are very knowledgeable about the fishing game, then the Godlike level is your cup of tea.

If you find yourself disagreeing with the above, but are nonetheless familiar or interested in the games of fish, then you are advised to kickstart your experience with Junior level.

3. Fishing games are easy to play

Now, don’t get us wrong, though. You will need specific skills and strategies to make the most of your fishing game, which you can read about in our article, Online Fishing Games: You Know How to Play, but Do You Know How to Win?

We reckon fishing games are easy to play because they only need players to aim and shoot. They are unlike other casino games, which require you to do math and count odds.

4. Fishing games are easy to understand

As opposed to mood swings (come on, we all know how difficult it is to deal with mood swings), fishing games are easy to understand – they tell you what you need to do, and why. You can easily make out things like what you need to aim and shoot at, the amount of money you are spending each time you fire a bullet, which symbol is a bonus feature that will multiply your payout, and how you can take it down.

You can also point out the value of each fish, the time the Big Boss of the game will appear, or when a mini-game is underway. Most of the online casino games keep you on the edge of your seat. On top of trying to play the game right, you are also getting worked up competing with your opponents. But this is surely not the case with fishing games.

One of the best parts about fishing games is that it does not solely rely on luck, nor are you betting against odds. Instead, if you master certain skills and implement the right strategies before starting the game, you will be in full control and your opponents won’t stand a chance against you.

5. You win money

Any online gambling games that you take part in will win you money. The only thing that differs is how much you wager, and how much your payout will be. Generally, the larger your wager, the higher your payout will be.

But, this by no means indicates that you should spend what you cannot afford. After all, any online games should be an activity you fall back to unwind and have a pleasurable time.

Fishing War, Fishing God, Ocean King, and Fu Fish are fishing games with high RTP (return to player) percentages. Picking either one out of the four will garner you a favorable result, that is, the deepening of your pockets, of course.

And you have probably read this somewhere, but because it is true, it is worth sharing over and over again. Players who have played the fishing games mentioned above have won cash prizes up between RM 3,000 to RM 4,000, with a capital of RM 30 only. That’s 100 times more than what they had initially invested!

And because fishing games are so easy to play, the feeling of winning so much money is that much more satisfying.

Pro tip: Anytime you wish to claim your payout, get in touch with the customer service, and they will take you through the withdrawal process. 

Are You Ready to Take Over and Become the King of Fishing?

After reading the top 5 reasons why you should play fishing games, we bet your interest and curiosity are piqued, and that you are more than convinced. To keep the hype going for you, visit 9King today and play the FREE fishing games we offer! These demo versions can help you practice regularly, understand the game better, and ultimately become the King of Fishing.

Apply the strategies we have shared on our article, 6 Strategies that Will Improve Your Odds and Gaming Experience when you are playing the free games to test its effectiveness and ace your game when you play with real money!  

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